Unmanned Aircraft Systems

Our Unmanned Aircraft Solutions are vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) small unmanned aircraft systems (sUAS) designed for aerial still and video photography. They can fly by remote control or autonomously, using GPS waypoint navigation.

Unlike conventional sUAS, they are designed from the ground up to be photographic platforms. Their attitude, altitude, and heading are stabilized by top of the line electronic control systems. As a result, they are more stable and much easier to fly than comparable sized single-rotor aircraft.

Each of their fixed-pitch rotors is directly driven by a brushless electric motor. Because there are no gears or belts between the motors and rotors, the aircraft are both extremely quiet and very efficient. Using multiple rotors allows the size and weight of each rotor to be much smaller than the rotor of an equivalent sized single-rotor helicopter. Smaller rotors store proportionally less kinetic energy during flight, significantly reducing potential damage if they come in contact with other objects and making the vehicle much safer to operate in close proximity to animals and people.

Depending on the attached payload (camera), battery, and environmental conditions, they can achieve flight durations of up to 36 minutes. Thanks to their accurate attitude, altitude, and heading stabilization, even inexperienced pilots can learn to fly them in a relatively short time.